Subsidiaries & Related companies


OSJ Property Investments was incorporated in 2014 and is the property investment vehicle for Japan market. The investment portfolio includes commercial buildings in Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama cities.  

OSJ Property Investments Pte Ltd


OSS Property Investments is the real estate investment vehicle for the group with primary interest in the Singapore property market.   

One of the projects include the Bukit Batok West Ave 6 mixed development project which is a joint venture with Qingjian Realty.

OSS Property Investments Pte Ltd


Incorporated in 2013, Welton Development Sdn Bhd is the developer behind Green Haven condominium project in Johor, Malaysia. Sigitech Holdings holds a stake in Welton Property, the parent company of Welton Development.

Sigitech Holdings’ investment in Welton Property is testament to their belief in the Welton core values of delivering high-quality projects with great value.

Welton Property Sdn Bhd


OV Property Investments Pte Ltd invests in Vietnam real estate market. The company partners with local leading developers in several projects in major cities including Ho Chi Minh city.

OV Property Investments Pte Ltd


CSH Property Investment is a Joint Venture company between Sigitech Holdings and C T Holdings. Formed in 2019 the company focuses on investment in Australia real estate development projects, including a mixed development project in Inglewood Perth, partnering with Western Australia’s leading developer.

CSH Property Investment Pte Ltd